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  Our service program is designed to maintain the highest quality indoor environment, and our comprehensive and affordable building performance evaluation program provides the perfect way to monitor the results. This highly automated program can be used to quickly find and address existing problems, or can be integrated proactively into our total service package to:  
  • Save money by ensuring optimal operation of the building HVAC system
  • Identify potential problems before they become expensive
  • Demonstrate a high quality indoor environment
  • Ensure a healthy, comfortable and productive environment at all times
  The Optima™ monitor measures these nine important items and samples for mold & pollen.  
  • Temperature -Important for comfort, and data collected during unoccupied times can help save energy
  • Relative humidity - Comfort related, and extremely important to control in order to minimize mold growth.
  • Carbon dioxide - An excellent indicator of ventilation rate. Too little ventilation can be uncomfortable and unhealthy, and too much ventilation may be a waste of energy.
  • Carbon monoxide - A by-product of combustion, the presence of this gas can mean air intakes too near auto or truck exhaust sources, or an underventilated furnace or stove.
  • Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) - Usually associated with cleaning chemicals, new furnishings and paints.
  • Small particles - These are less than 2.5 microns in size and can come from smoke, exhaust (outdoors) and from a dusty building.
  • Large particles - These are less than 10 microns in size and can indicate dirty carpeting or construction activities.
  • Ozone - This can come from outdoor pollution, or indoors from copy machines and some air cleaners.
  • Radon - This gas is found naturally in the earth, but can accumulate in below-grade areas and is health related.
  Expert Advice  
  The expert report contains an easy to understand interpretation of the building data. This third party report provides you with a comprehensive assessment of your building in three areas: Comfort and Ventilation, Indoor Air Quality, and Building Operations (energy efficiency). Practical suggestions and recommendations are given if improvement is possible, and one of our knowledgeable representatives can help you decide what makes sense for your building.  
  Mold Screening  
  Mold problems can cripple your business if not detected early so a complete mold/pollen screening service is also available. Outdoor and indoor samples are collected using the same monitoring device, and the samples are sent to a certified laboratory for analysis.  
  Completely Confidential  
  The report and results are the property of the customer, and are strictly confidential.  

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